Media Relations Agency specialising in Books, Cultural and Scientific Issues

For the maximum amount of media exposure, we will support your project and effectively communicate your content. We have extensive PR experience and associations in the media as well as a genuine interest in trade press relations, all of which are strengthened by our well-developed personal connections in the German-speaking countries as well as in neighbouring countries. In short, we know who will take interest in your project.

If you or your company has a communications issue we kindly invite you to contact us in order to discuss this matter. We deliver our PR services in all businesses and look back on more than 500 cases with national and international companies, organisations and individuals within the last 15 years.  

Looking forward talking to you

Margarete Schwind and Sabine Schaub

Our clients include:

  • Cities (Baden-Baden, Colmar, Mulhouse, Basel, Neuburg an der Donau)
  • Festivals (Rendez-vous littéraire, Literatur Update 2010, Bavarian Literature Landscapes, Automobile Festival Mulhouse, Young Euro Classic Music Festival)
  • Tourist destinations (Upper Rhine Valley, Bavaria as a literature center)
  • Museums (Jewish Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Automobile Museum, Mulhouse/Alsace)
  • Foundations (Bavarian Literature Foundation, Genshagen Foundation (for mutual understanding between Germany, France, and Poland))
  • Clubs and Associations (Westwind e.V., Ernst Toller Gesellschaft e.V.)
  • Publishers (Rowohlt, Osburg, Ullstein, S. Fischer, Springer Science + Media, CH Beck, Parmenides)
  • Authors (Irvin D. Yalom, Anna Wahlgren, Martin Amis, Edward Ball, Leonardo Padura, Enikö Nagy)
  • Businesses (Nordcapital and the Italo-Svevo Literature Prize,, Thalia Magazine)
  • Institutions (Academy of the Arts, Berlin)
  • Congresses (Homer 3.0: Odyssey in the Digital Age, Berlin)

Schwindkommunikation offers forward feature tracking, provides press kits, composes press releases and documentation, and offers reporting, consulting, analysis, and monitoring services. Our office in Berlin will also help you create contacts with nationwide and international media, artists, investors and creative people, as well as politicians in the capital of Germany.

SCHWINDKOMMUNIKATION was founded in 2001 by Margarete Schwind. Since then, the company has successfully established offices in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin.

After her studies in Wuerzburg, Freiburg, Paris and Berlin, Margarete Schwind started her career with Bertelsmann Buch AG (now Random House International) as editor-in-chief and later public-relations manager in Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Guetersloh. Then she joined S. Fischer, one of Germany’s leading literature and non-fiction publishers, as head of the press department. Her nearly grown-up children are studying in Paris and Weimar.

Sabine Schaub has been working for more than 20 years with one of the biggest scientific and specialist publishing companies in the world, Springer Science and Business Media. For almost 15 years she has been in charge of corporate communications as the company’s vice president. Additionally, she gained experience in cultural affairs by being the head of the press department at Rowohlt-Verlag, one of the most well known literature and non-fiction publishers in Germany. As managing director for marketing and communication she also worked for another specialist publisher, focusing on both business and technology.

Gisela Graf, our Freiburg correspondent, is an art historian. She worked extensively as a public relations manager for the Swiss publisher Birkhäuser, one of the leading European publishers in architecture, landscape architecture and design. With this background she is internationally well connected and based in the tri-national region of Germany, France and Switzerland.

Sophie Prévost is owner of the agency „Echos de Villes“ in Paris. Her areas of concentration are urban planning, development, and sustainability.

REIKO PR is our correspondent in Great Britain. The agency provides marketing and public relations services not only for leading Austrian Spa & Health resorts, but also international nutrition, health, leisure and technology clients.

„As an American author, I found that Schwindkommunikation provided superb reviewers, excellent talk venues, and targeted broadcast coverage for my book in translation.“

-Edward Ball – Die Plantagen am Cooper River (Slaves in the Family)



February 2014

11th February: Michael Lederer will read from his new novel Cadaqués (PalmArt Press)
Venue: English Theatre Berlin, Fidicinstr. 40, 10965 Berlin


May 2013

8th June: The poesiefestival berlin begins its ‘Home–Exit/Home’ series


April 2013

Home of the Normads. The Poetry Slam Gala

The Big Poetry Market at the poesiefestival Berlin

Young Euro Classic 2013: Programme launch and ticket sales start on 11th April


March 2012

Upper Rhine Valley: The Basel Region. Where milk and honey flow

Upper Rhine Valley: European Strasbourg

Upper Rhine Valley: The Southern Palatinate

Upper Rhine Valley: Landau & Germersheim

Upper Rhine Valley: The Alsace: The French Touch on the Rhine

Upper Rhine Valley: Cosy Colmar

Upper Rhine Valley: The Black Forest – fresh, natural and healthy

Upper Rhine Valley: Artistic Basel

Upper Rhine Valley: Mulhouse, city of textile printing and automobiles

Upper Rhine Valley: Medial Karlsruhe

Upper Rhine Valley: Baden-Baden, pure elegance


January 2012

Upper Rhine Valley: Freiburg, the Green City


May 2011

Visit the Upper Rhine Valley


July 2011

Young Euro Classic – The best of the world’s youth orchestras gather in Berlin (5th – 21st August) with a special focus on North and South America